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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

06:30 PM  
Adventures in Dining - King Chuan

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with a delicious twist in our "Adventures in Dining" series! From traditional Chinese banquets to fusion feasts that blend the old with the new, we're on a mission to savor every moment and every dish. Embrace the spirit of adventure as we explore the culinary wonders that this auspicious time of year has to offer. Come hungry, come curious, and come ready to celebrate in style!


Who: Hosted by Sara Haller

What: Adventures in Dining

Where: King Chuan Restaurant at 1188 San Carlos Ave, San Carlos. Need help finding it? Click here.

When: 2/20/2024 @ 6:30pm

Why: To usher in the Year of the Dragon, and to enjoy an evening filled with vibrant flavors, cultural delights, and warm camaraderie.