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Friday, November 26, 2021

03:00 PM  
Day After Thanksgiving Beach Party

You’re invited to the Annual Beach Party that happens Friday the day after Thanksgiving. As usual, it will be held on the beach just near the Miramar Beach Restaurant located at Half Moon Bay. This is a dog friendly beach. The Party will start at 3:00 PM. A sound system is provided, and guests are welcome to bring music play lists, a log for the fire, their leftovers from Thanksgiving or something else to eat or drink. For those of us who drink too much to drive, Hotels are walking distance from the party and there is always Uber or Lyft. Enter the beach from the south side close to Miramar Beach Restaurant (see attached)

All the people on this invite list are Vaccinated. Please don’t bring Guests who are not Vaccinated.


Hope to see you at this year’s day after Thanksgiving Beach Party


Gary & Kathi


Please see club email distribution for this event.