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Sunday, February 02, 2020

02:30 PM  
Inskiers Superbowl Party at Jans House

Hello Inskiers

Jan has graciously offered to host a Superbowl party at her fantastic Hillsboro abode starting at 2:30 Feb. 2. This is to be a potluck and Jan is a vegan so she is requesting that we consider this request.  She writes:

"Even though I am vegan, it is okay to bring non-vegan food to my home for a pot luck. I just ask that people consider choosing to bring a vegan dish or modifying an old favorite with some simple substitutions (margarine for butter, almond milk for milk, veggie broth for chicken broth, putting cheese on the side for salads, etc.).  I will make some vegan "meatballs" and a lasagna."

Maybe we should label our dishes accordingly, vegan/non vegan. Bring your own booze or non-alcoholic drinks and maybe some to share. Jan is busy these days and we want to make this easy on her so let's all be resourceful. Suggested potluck offerings by first name:

M-Z Entrees
A-D Sides/Salads
E-L Desserts 
Of course if you have a family favorite or Superbowl special by all means bring that. The game starts around 3:30 and probably will last around 3 hours which puts us at about 6:30, so the food should suffice as dinner for most.

Details: See club GoogleGroups email. 

Inskiers see you at Jan's February 2, 
GO Niners!

Inskier Social Director