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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

06:30 PM  
Inskiers Potluck at David W's Home in San Carlos

Hello Industrious Inskiers

It is with great satisfaction that I announce the next installment of the "Great Inskiers Potluck" will be held at the accomplished David W's Villa in lovely San Carlos, February 18 at 6:30. We've invited the entire A-List of the recent Academy Awards attendees to spice things up as well as some jugglers, magicians and clowns, so show up and see who's new?

Suggested offerings by first name are as follows, though if you have a family favorite or award winning dish by all means bring that, and maybe a beverage too!

M-Z Entrees
A-D Sides/Salads
E-L Desserts 

And please consider hosting the March Saint Patty's Day Potluck on March 17, you will be eternally favored.

I'm already getting tingly thinking about Davids potluck!
See you there!

Inskier Social Director
Note:  See Inskiers GoogleGroups email for details and directions