Tuesday, June 25, 2019

06:30 PM  
Inskiers Board Meeting - Marcy's Home

Please plan on meeting with our new President at 6:30 PM at her house at 1830 Brittan Ave., in San Carlos at 6:30 PM. Bring meat for yourself and food to share.

Main discussion items are recruitment for Social, update of Board mailing list, and summer/fall schedules so bring your calendars.
President Marci Lyzun
Vice President  
Past President Ed Pease
Membership Cathy Baird
BAC Cathy Wilson
Cabin David Button
Cabin Elizabeth Anton
Racing Lisa Burgess
Secretary Marie Noto
Singles League Angie Imura
Social Potlucks  
Treasurer Karen Albrecht
Web Master Bob Burke
Web Master Don McCourty
BAC FWSA Ski Trips Gail Burns
Meet-up Sarah Haller
Secretary                       Marie Noto            April Board minutes
Schedule/Location of Future Meetings
Officer Nominations/Social Report  
Treasurer report            Karen A                
 BAC rep report           Cathy W    
Cabin                            Elizabeth,          
Membership report     Cathy B  
  Webmaster report         Bob and Don   
Enjoy your summer, 
Ed Pease