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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

06:30 PM  
Inskiers Potluck at Maurice’s in Los Altos
This time it'll be a garden party with access to his beautiful house as well. And since the recent fancy shoe contest was so well received, we're going to throw in a fancy sunglass contest for your amusement, maybe even a prize for the winner! And carpooling will be key to scoring a high turnout here, I have room in my truck for three additional passengers leaving from San Carlos, hit me up.
  Lastly, I've got a few ideas for additional social events to sprinkle into our summer but could use your help too.  We're always looking for Inskiers to lead events that interest them like a Music in the Park gathering, Bowling Night, Adventures in Dining or Happy Hour. It's your club, let's make it Great!
Party on, Inskiers
Socials Brian
We've invited the entire A-List of this year’s Academy Awards attendees to spice things up as well as some jugglers, magicians and clowns, so show up and see who's new?

Suggested offerings by first name are as follows, though if you have a family favorite or award winning dish by all means bring that, and maybe a beverage too!

M-Z Entrees
A-D Sides/Salads
E-L Desserts 

I'm already getting tingly thinking about Maurice’s potluck!
See you there!

Inskier Social Director
Note:  See Inskiers GoogleGroups email for details and directions