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2013 - 2014  Winter Cabin - Join us for fun in the snow, parties, and more!  




       Marji McGinnes - Cabin Coordinator  2013 -2014

Our new cabin last season was the best ever.   We're located in the Tahoe Donner area of North Shore Tahoe/Truckee and the cabin is available from December 13, 2013 to April 13, 2014.  This beautiful ski cabin has four bedrooms, two and one-half bathrooms, spacious loft, a new hot tub, a large living room with a fireplace, and a two car garage. There are approximately eight parking spaces.  Nearby parking is available.

We look forward to having it again in 2013-2014.  Also, click here to dowload a free flyer:  Inskier Cabin Flyer      Note: Food and wine are allowed in the living room, but please be careful of the new carpet.  Note that there s no sleeping on the couch near the fire place.  Small cleaning tasks will be posted for everyone. 



Cabin Rates: :  Available to Inskiers Club members and Singles League members:


  • Friday and Saturday night - $40 per night
  • Sunday through Thursday night - $35 per night.
Available to Guests:
  • Friday and Saturday night - $45 per night.
  • Sunday through Thursday night - $35 per night


 THE FINE PRINT  (updated 10Sep12):



2014 Cabin Handout Sheet  (Print and take with you.)


WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THE CABIN - Please sign the white book and enter the dates you are staying, sign the waiver in the book, and follow the cabin opening and closing instructions. 

CABIN USAGE INSTRUCTIONS - Please read upon arrival at the cabin.  Instructions will be posted in several places at the cabin.

WAIVER - Please make certain that you and your guest have a Waiver on file before arriving at the cabin.

Click here for more cabin photos!              






Davos Glacier' - Cabin Closing Day 2011  


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